How to issue an invoice

When closing a license with us, we need an invoice from you in order to be able to pay you. In case you are not familiar with issuing invoices, we collected the most important information here.

As to our knowledge, most countries do not have specific requirements regarding the layout or format of an invoice. There are however, requirements about what information needs to be put on an invoice.

Here’s a list of what is needed:

  • Our reference: Cxxxx
  • Complete name and address of invoicer (Rights Holder)
  • VAT / Tax ID of invoicer (Rights Holder)
  • Complete name and address of invoicee (T&F)
  • VAT/Tax ID of invoicee (T&F)
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice no.
  • Description of goods or services rendered (license song xyz, etc.)
  • The date or period of services rendered / delivered
  • The invoicing amount(s) – itemized
  • The tax rate (‚reverse charge‘ needs to be stated on the invoice if Rights holder is residing in another country than T&F and no VAT is applied; if the Rights Holder is VAT-exempted this needs to be stated on the invoice)
  • Bank details: account holder, account number/IBAN, routing number (BIC/SWIFT, ACH). Payment is only possible by wire transfer

Here’s a sample of how your invoice could look like:

That’s all you need. You can download the template above here.

All the best

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