With non-genuine Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts it’s so close, yet oh so far

Devising a public warning on the perils of taking the cheap-and-easy option sounds like a joyless task. Not so for Mercedes-Benz, who have managed to convey this exact message with a hearty dose of chuckles and enough heartfelt feels to drive home the benefits of their quality Service and Genuine Parts.

All that this campaign needed to be complete was a punchy, upbeat soundtrack. We were happy provide one, in the shape of indie/ska Danish band Are We Brothers? and their rocking track “Come Around.”

By pulling together a familiar catalogue of the universal pratfalls and humiliations that mark everyday life, this spot from the auto brand, made with production house BigFish, happily spells out what can happen when you’re almost there, but still too late, too fast, too slow or too rushed. Enjoy the full ad, below!


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