Drugs, Alcohol and Self-Destruction in New ‘Jackie Boy’ Film

Our latest sync licensing film project the provocative film ‘Jackie Boy’ has caused a stir amongst critics at international film festivals.


The Canadian feature film, which was first screened at the Ottawa International Film Festival and then later showcased at Germany’s Hof International Film Festival, is a story of sex, drugs and alcohol centring on serial womanizer Jack (played by Alino Giraldi).

Described by critics as a dislikeable character, it’s not the writing and direction that has audiences flustered, but the very story itself. The dark and shocking tale of Jack and his friends left critics feeling uncomfortable, but went on to win the favour of the Phoenix Film Festival judges. The film’s director, the Canadian-based filmmaker Cody Campanale, was awarded the prize for best director in world cinema at this year’s Phoenix Film Festival.


In keeping with the Canadian heritage of the film, Tracks & Fields sync licensed two songs from Canadian artists for ‘Jackie Boy’. The sync licenses include the track ‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Whalebone’ by the Montreal band Islands, an indie-rock outfit formed by previous members of The Unicorns, and the synth punk song ‘Blue Lines’ by the Toronto-based band Styrofoam Ones.


Watch the festival trailer for ‘Jackie Boy’ here:

Jackie Boy – Festival Trailer from Cody Campanale on Vimeo.

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