Ad Digger – 6.5.2016


This week’s pick of the best sync licensed music brings together fun and creative spots from Lacoste, Method and an emotional spot from Dreyer’s.

Lacoste – ‘Support with Style’
Lacoste sees stylish synchronised dancers travel through Paris in this colourful advert. Featuring synchronised music from French electro band The Shoes, the choreography mimics the track.

Artist: The Shoes

Song: Do It Again

Agency: BETC, France

Method – ‘Fear No Mess’
Making a mess is great fun in this spot from American soap brand Method. The advert sees a mother and son play a messy game of meatball golf together, that’s been slowed down for the viewer to see the ultimate amount of destruction. The sync license adds humour to the hedonistic chaos.

Artist: The Joy Tones

Song: This Love That I’m Giving You


Dreyer’s – ‘Togetherness’
American ice-cream brand Dreyer’s spark some tears in this emotional advert about togetherness. As families come together, a sickly sweet sync license of ‘True Colors’ adds to the power of the campaign.

Artist: Ane Brun

Song: True Colors

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

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