Ad Digger – 22.4.2016

In this week’s pick of the best synchronised music in advertising, we’ve got creative spots from Evian, Puma and IKEA.

Evian – ‘Baby Bay’

Evian brings back the babies for this quirky beach-themed advert. Set to a cover of the Beach Boys, the babies act like regular adults enjoying a sunny day at the beach and drinking plenty of Evian to keep them young.



Artist: Lilly Wood & the Prick

Song: Kokomo

Agency: BETC, Paris

Puma – ‘Play Loud’


Footballers stand out with colourful new boots in this spot from Puma. The advert encourages footballers that a bit of ‘loudness’ in your fashion choices on the field are not a bad thing. While loudness gets them into trouble outside of the pitch, bringing those same loud moves back onto the football pitch gets them further. As the synchronised music says, you have to ‘Walk the Walk’ if you want to succeed.



Artist: N3GUS & Jakes

Song: Walk the Walk

Agency: Puma

IKEA – ‘Wonderful Life’

IKEA UK re-tells the adventurous love story of one couple through a photo album in this sweet advert. From tennis tournaments to ballroom dancing competitions, the couple seem to have done it all. The sync license, ‘You and Me’ by Penny & the Quarters, adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the advert.


Artist: You and Me

Song: Penny & the Quarters

Agency: Mother, London

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