Bursting with Joy: Sazka’s New Advert

The Czech national lottery, Sazka Sportka, shares that exhilarating feeling of winning big in their new advert featuring licensed music from Tracks & Fields.

Anyone can win the lottery in Sazka’s advert, which sees people both young and old, from florists to office workers, experience a pleasant surprise in the form of bursting gold confetti once they win. With the chance to win millions and a lucky new winner announced every week, the exhilarating feeling of winning depicted in the advert could happen to anyone.
The quirky synchronised music encapsulates the joyful surprise of winning. Tracks & Fields licensed music from English singer songwriter Paloma Faith for the advert. With music that is influenced by soul and jazz, the licensed track, ‘Upside Down’, is characteristic of Faith’s retro style; the unique track opens with sounds in the style of a 50s dancehall. The music brings some of the singer’s eccentricity to the heart of the advert, in which the happy surprise of winning the lottery will turn winners lives completely upside down.
Check out the advert here:

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