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Ad Digger – 18.3.2016

This week on our pick of advertising’s best sync licensed music, our adverts are packed with music legends, with synchronised tracks from the likes of Iggy Pop, Elvis Presley and Jim Croce.


Boursorama – ‘The Bank That Lets You Avoid a Bank’


Boursorama let’s you be as free as a bird in their new advert, claiming that the bank is no hassle, no paperwork and no fees. With the sync license of Elvis Presley, the bank also claims to offer ‘a little less conversation’, with the message that you can contact an advisor on your own terms.



Artist: Elvis Presley

Song: A Little Less Conversation

Agency: BETC

Lloyds Banks – ‘For Your Next Step’


Unlike Boursorama, British bank Lloyds is with you for every step in life in their new emotional advert featuring a cover of ‘Mad World’ by singer-songwriter Jennifer Ann. The heartfelt sync license perfectly captures the ups and downs of life in the story that flashes before us. Meanwhile the bank’s iconic black horse is there for everyone moment, from marriage proposals to funerals.



Artist: Jennifer Ann

Song: Mad World

Agency: Adam&Eve DDB

Audi – ‘Rock and Roll’

According to Audi’s new advert, their sync license of punk-rock legend Iggy Pop highlights the power music icons once held in popular culture. Now that status has been handed over to technology, which is the new icon of rock’n’roll. Even if we might not agree with the message behind the advert, the rocky sync license makes new technology look exciting, fast and cool – much like rock’n’roll.



Artist: Iggy Pop and the Stooges

Song: Search and Destroy

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners


Apple – ‘Timer’

The Cookie Monster tries to keep productive while he waits for his cookies to bake in Apple’s funny new advert for Siri. The Cookie Monster’s go to playlist happens to feature Jim Croce’s 1970’s love song ‘Time In A Bottle’, which makes waiting no less easier.



Artist: Jim Croce

Song: Time in a Bottle

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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