Make a Music Supervisor Happy: Stand Out to Potential Clients

This part of the submission tips series “Make a Music Supervisor Happy” is about how to make your music stand out, so that you will be more likely to be chosen by potential clients. You can find a list of more helpful tips at the bottom of this post.

Make Your Music Stand Out
Whenever you submit music to a project, the client has access to two types of additional information: the track details by clicking on the song title and the “Artist Sheet” by clicking on the image on the right of each song. The track details show more information about your track, including the artist, a description, if there are variations of the track, if the track can be edited, and also your profile picture. You can create and edit this when you upload music on the submission page or any time later. The artist sheet contains images and background information of the artist of the song.
The track details information, as well as the artist sheet, are the key information that the client can access when deciding on a song. They are as just as important as the song itself, as clients are usually also interested in what the artist behind the music is like – so make sure it stands out.
Firstly, you should make sure that you fill in the description, song title, the artist field and all the technical information whenever you upload a song (either by submitting to a request or by uploading to your repertoire). This way, for example, the client can easily see if a song is editable. By filling in all the information, your song appears complete and more presentable to clients. Likewise your artist sheets should look nice and presentable (you can access all of them through the artist tab in your music section).
Through the track details and the artist sheet the client can click through to your Tracks & Fields profile. If they like your song, the client may want to find out more and click onto your profile to read more about you, so make sure to also have a profile picture and information about yourself.
A professional, filled out artist sheet and profile makes you memorable to clients and can increase your chances of being selected.
Don’t Say it All With a Link
It may be tempting to comment on requests and simply write: “check out the songs on my profile” with a link to your profile or to a YouTube video.
Unfortunately, this strategy does not work. When clients post a request and are looking through submissions, they obviously prefer not to have to search out the music themselves. By putting a link in the comment, you are telling the client to actively click and find your music, and perhaps lose time listening to songs that may not fit their brief or be what they were looking for. Not many clients will do this and will simply ignore such comments.
Instead make sure to fill in the details of your music when you upload it to the submission page and give a good impression of yourself on your artist sheet and profile instead. This way the client has all information he needs directly attached to the submission.
You should use the comment function only to give additional information to submissions that can’t be put in the track details or the artist sheet.
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