Ad Digger – 8.1.2016

At the start of every New Year we are filled with hope and resolutions for the upcoming months, and this week in adverts was no different. Travel website made 2016 look like a thrilling cinematic trailer full of adventure and wonderful holiday experiences in their kooky new advert. Elsewhere, supermarket chain Aldi made getting healthier this year by buying fruits and vegetables especially fun, with custom music and lyrics for every food. Such as this R&B style love song to tomatoes, dance rave to mangoes, and hip hop for bananas.
In the same vein, this week’s Ad Digger, featuring the best of pre-cleared music in advertising, is filled with inspiring adverts for the first weeks of the year.

Honda – ‘The Dreamer’
Honda’s new advert takes you into the mind of the creative engineer, with vibrant visuals and bursting full of colour. The advert is in the same imaginative style of Honda’s other campaigns, such as ‘Grrr’, where the car is placed into an imaginary world where driving on a rainbow and changing colour through a paint waterfall is possible. To fit their dreamy advert, the pre-cleared music ties directly into the creative – Empire of the Sun’s ‘Walking on a Dream’ perfectly sums up how Honda advert wants to make you feel, like you are in an imaginary world where anything can happen.

Song: Walking on a Dream
Artist: Empire of the Sun
Agency: RPA
Centre Parcs – ‘Bears’
Emotion is powered to the max in holiday resort Centre Parcs’ latest advert. We are introduced to an overworked mother bear, who has little time to cook meals for, tuck in, or win the attention of her children over their favourite gadgets. That is until they escape into the wild at the Centre Parcs resort. Accompanying the sad story is a moving cover of ‘True Colours’, which makes you feel especially sympathetic to the bear’s situation and want to take a break too.

Song: True Colours
Artist: Ben Madeley
Agency: Brothers & Sisters
First Choice – ‘Say Yes’
One woman’s search for ice cream takes her across the world, in holiday package company First Choice’s new advert. As she follows her heart’s desire through the inclusive holiday deals, the sync license, ‘The Seeker’ by The Who, drives up excitement for her adventure.

Song: The Seeker
Artist: The Who
Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London
Cillit Bang – ‘The Mechanic’
In this humorous advert for cleaning product Cillit Bang, the spirit of the 80s film ‘Flashdance’ comes to life when a young mechanic transforms into professional dancer while he tries to clean up a garage. With a re-orchestration of the classic hit ‘Maniac’, cleaning becomes ‘almost’ fun.

Song: Maniac (Re-orchestration)
Agency: BETC, Paris

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