Tracks & Fields Host Panel at London Sync Sessions

IMG_8834 The Tracks & Fields panel: Jesper Gadeberg, Marc Tanzmann, Christian Mix-Linzer, David O’Bryan (L-R)  
Tracks & Fields were delighted to host a panel discussion at this year’s London Sync Sessions. The three-day event, taking place at Europe’s No.1 Independent Recording Studio, Metropolis Studios, invites industry experts from around the world to host panel discussions, moderate, and hold master classes on music synchronisation.

Tracks & Fields’ CEO Christian Mix-Linzer and music supervisor Marc Tanzmann presented a panel on the importance of independent music supervisors for creative agencies, brands and production houses, alongside independent music supervisor Jesper Gadeberg and Senior Creative at Ninja Tune, David O’Bryan.
The panel discussed pressing questions facing music supervisors of today, such as how independent music supervisors can differentiate themselves.
One of the hotly debated topics was how rights holders can manage multiple similar briefs at once. Whether rights holders should pitch only to one music supervisor, send all music supervisors the same music with the risk that a single track will be chosen by more than one company, or if they should treat the briefs separately and send different music to each client, a discussion that latest well beyond the panel and onto further coffee breaks during the conference.
Christian Mix-Linzer and David O'Bryan speaking at the London Sync Sessions Christian Mix-Linzer and David O’Bryan speaking at the London Sync Sessions  
Reflecting on the importance of independent music supervisors to the industry, Mix-Linzer argued that an independent supervisor is your creative partner. Not only do they ensure that a client will always be working with the best of musical talent available, they also offer clients competitive prices. In addition, independent music supervisors each have their own creative approaches to projects, with differing musical views and ideas, specialties, and networks of musical partners. Furthermore, due to always being judged on their last job, they make sure that their creative work remains at the cutting edge.
For more information about the event, check out the London Sync Sessions website.

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