Ad Digger – 12.4.2015

nike golf
Childish wonder, daring feats and mind-bending edits accompany this week’s serving of sleek ad sync.

Brands got a little lofty this week – Finish took a more relentless and surreal tone than we’ve seen before (and it worked rather nicely) while Peter Dinklage waxed grandiose for Chrysler in the run-up to a certain HBO season premiere today. Animal mascots abounded elsewhere – GE’s Invention Donkey had a nicely gormless human foil and Virgin’s pigeon skanked happily into the night with the help of The Selector.

Honda – Endless Road
Honda celebrate the eternal whirl of innovation with an M.C. Escher style diorama of perpetual SUV motion. The slightly purgatorial air is wafted to eerie, surreal heights by Bernard Hermann’s theme for Twisted Nerve – the dreamlike Sixties instrumentation and unsettling whistle serve a more cheerful purpose here than they did in Kill Bill, mind you.

Song: Twisted Nerve theme
Artist: Bernard Hermann
Agency: mcgarrybowen, London
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Macadam, Paul Jordan
Digital Production: MediaMonks

Baby Gap – Little Firsts
There’s sometimes a temptation to over-sweeten baby-focussed ads. Gap’s offering, all peace and tenderness, should stand as testament to the effectiveness of the understated: Cat Power’s delicate cover of Phil Phillips’ ‘Sea of Love’, just voice and autoharp, is a beautiful accompaniment to the tiny stars’ expressions of brand new wonder.
Song: Sea of Love
Artist: Cat Power
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Nike Golf – Ripple
With the two set to tee off together today at the Masters, Nike Golf released a timely tale of hero worship, tracking a tiny Rory McIlroy’s wide-eyed veneration of Tiger Woods through childhood and into precocious sporting stardom. Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘Nuvole Bianchi’ provides the stripped-back emotive through-line. However your feeling on the sport itself, it’s an engaging piece (and also a testament to the reassuringly long sporting lifespans of golfers).
Song: Nuvole Bianche
Artist: Ludovico Einaudi
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

BBC Radio 1 – Where It Begins
The latest ad for the BBC’s most youth-oriented radio station is a bit of a head-scratcher. Despite the neon colour palette and scruffy vibe, instead of a rave she’s here for a different class of fun: to ride a cage of death on that same motorcycle amid a hail of sparks, fuelled by the bouncing build and swoop of French DJ Watermät’s ‘Bullit’. The message is pretty vague, but the medium is a tonne of fun.

Song: Bullit
Artist: Watermat
Agency: Karmarama

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