Ad Digger – 8.8.2014

Every week we delve into the web seeking notable uses of music in ads of all kinds. As the dog days draw to a gradual close, heartbreak, handicrafts and hurtling dashes abound.

BNP Paribas – Life Moves Forward
This sweet ad takes the unsettlingly fast pace of life very literally, turning the sensation into a headlong, impressively choreographed flight through life’s major milestones. It’s supported by beautifully wistful, waltzing work from Flemish chanteuse Isolde Lasoen, which layers just the right sense of bittersweet serenity over the whirl.

Artist: Isolde Lasoen
Agency: Publicis Brussels
Director: Koen Mortier

The Sun – We Feel Football
As the UK forgets its bruises to rev up for this year’s Premiere League, the Sun takes a tongue-in-cheek but tender look at the tribulations of football die-hards in a devastated karaoke montage. Nazareth’s raw-throated, lighters-aloft version of the Everly Brothers’ lament provides the tears.

Artist: Nazareth
Song: Love Hurts
Agency: Grey London
Exec. Creative Director: Dave Monk

Apple – Dreams
The cozy vignettes continue – not quite as muscular as previous offerings in the Powerful series, this spot widens the net, perhaps to its detriment. Though as a standalone it could do very well, in sequence it suffers a little, both from the escalation in scope (while it might be handy to know that professionals of all stripes can use the gadget to all these ends, it’s hard to stifle a dart of doubt that many actually do) and from the song’s comparative lack of musical roughage – while ‘Chicken Fat’ was plentifully wacky and ‘Life of Dreams’ endearingly lo-fi, this has only warmth and comfort to offer.

Artist: Jennifer O’Connor
Song: When I Grow Up
Agency: TBWA\MAL
Director: Vincent Haycock

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