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Member Spotlight – Sid Le Rock


Minimalistic steady drums, a grooving bass and dark ambient soundscapes with modest melodies swaying along. If Joy Division had been into techno it would probably have sounded pretty similar. Sid LeRock grew up in the northern regions of Ontario surrounded by wilderness and – for most of the year – snow. Instead of ice fishing he was rather into techno and while he and his family moved quite often art and music were the constants in his life. Combining his love for techno and a growing interest in post rock he created his very own style that‘s now known as ROCKNO and became one of Canada‘s leading electronic producers. Sid LeRock, who is now living in Berlin, remixed for the likes of Depeche Mode and Placebo and collaborated with DJ Koze, Ada and others. „Still Life“ has just been placed in the German feature film „Adieu Paris”


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