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Bonjour, we found music for the German feature film “Adieu Paris”. It’s featuring Sid Le Rock’s laid-back track “Still Life”.

It’s a chance encounter when Frank and Patrizia meet at the check-in counter. An investment banker that is traveling to Paris confident to bring off a big deal, while the authoress Patrizia is flying to her lover’s side who is in a coma after an accident. But their journeys don’t proceed as planned. For these two, Paris is the start of some events that turn their lifes upside down and throw them out of joint. Patrizia has to deal with her lover’s wife and a decision about life and death while Frank soon realises that he has been fooled. Back in Germany they seek distraction from these events, but neither of them manages to go back to normal so both separately return to Paris to make a new start – but they will meet again. Find out more. “Adieu Paris” . In theaters now.


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