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Lay’s let loose

  Even the most manic party needs crowd-pleasing nosh – and as snacks go, these are certainly no wallflowers. Lay’s ruffled crisps needed a bold track with plenty of texture for their Polish debut.

Sunbites look on the light side

  BBDO and Lay’s created a sun-soaked soap bubble of an ad to illustrate how Sunbites help keep these sharp-clad ladies distinctly light on their feet, starring elegantly-coiffed screen queen Małgorzata Socha.

Poland puts the lens on liberty

Poland puts the lens on liberty

This year Poland marks 25 years of post-Soviet independence, and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted a spot to fete the occasion.

Two and sixpence from Kaufland

  As these two girls well know, sometimes it’s the little things that make the day shine, whether it’s washing up done well or a meticulously prepared tea party with your best friend (actual...

If You’re Happy And You Know It…

  Some things in life will always lift your mood. For us, it’s securing the perfect piece of music for our clients. Even if that happens to be one of the biggest hits of...

Lip Service

Kings of the cuppa and certified royal-tea, beverage makers Lipton have brewed up a new commercial for the Polish market and it features music we found and placed—rather appropriately—by The Royal Concept.