Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 01: Who got the moves ?

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Guess what? It’s review season, and we wanted to give you a summary of some our projects in 2021. We’ve had an amazing year with so many great ads & films that it was hard for us choose which ones were best! To make things easier on yourself (and maybe other people who might be looking at this material), each post will cover one specific topic. Episode 01 is all about dance.

Doing it right it dance moves can be the perfect way to make your brand come alive on video. Dance choreography can turn any advertisement into an art performance and express the emotions you want through moves, giving imagery its own rhythm while also being excellently fitted for visuals!

We picked a project we did for Carlsberg that visually drags the protagonist and viewer into the colourful scenery. For this one, we licensed “You & me” by Disclosure in the captivating remix by Flume, beautifully weaving cinematic string pads into the hip-hop tinged style that has become synonymous with the remixer’s name.

A dance choreography can also be a clever way to illustrate the product’s characteristics.Check out the project below we did for Lycra, a famous brand of spandex fibre. Their tagline “Lycra moves you” says it all and what better way to show off product features than through body movements?

The energy and grace of dance routines have created a whole movie genre themselves. It’s not just recent, think about Saturday Night Fever or Dirty Dancing for example. The feature film ‘Into The Beat’, released this year, does an excellent job at capturing the conflict between classical dancing following strict rules versus expressive street performances where creativity is key! We were happy to have created and produced the whole soundtrack and we hope that you enjoy listening!
Here’s the trailer, the film is currently available on Netflix to watch:

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