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Budvar bring the beat wherever you are in their latest spot

budvar header

Fresh beer and fresh beats come together in Budvar‘s recent campaign. We placed ‘War Drums’ by Canadian electronic duo Pigeon Hole, with their pumping basslines and energetic drums setting the pace for the spot.

The advert shows people in a range of scenarios – at the office, yoga classes, war room strategy meetings (the number of times a war room would be spiced up if they just got some beers in, eh) interacting with the beer in usual and unusual ways. Beer bottle binoculars anyone? The pace of the edit, cut to the track’s fast rhythm, gives the spot a cool yet playful feel.

Vancouver Island duo Pigeon Hole first forged their name in the underground hip hop culture of the mid-2000’s. From there, the drive to experiment with new forms of production saw them splinter off from rap onto the fringes of the bass music scene. True to their roots, Pigeon Hole’s sound leans heavily on nostalgic reference to their early hip hop influences; establishing themselves at the forefront of Canada’s Bass music scene with their new approach to the genre.

They have performed at high profile festivals like SXSW and Burning Man and have released a slew of albums, EPs and singles.

Watch the Budvar 33 spot here:

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