Inside Track: How Brands Can Work with Music to Reinvent the “Live” Event 

This past weekend saw Lady Gaga’s curated OneWorld festival with Global Citizen raise 250 million towards Covid-19 relief causes. It was hailed as our generation’s Live Aid. This comparison is telling us something vital. The online space is gaining value and credibility – not only amongst musicians, but amongst audiences and brands too. 

Ranging from released archival footage, to interviews, free music classes and artist Q&As there is certainly a lot of choice. But what has risen to prominence now more than ever before is undeniably the live-stream, examined in our Digital Music Experiences for Brands Insight Paper. 

In this Tracks & Fields article we examine the key aspects to the live music event, factors to consider and how brands can collaborate with music to put the “live” in livestream, and tell their brand story.

The Groundwork 

With the concert advertised months in advance, audiences grab their tickets long before the expected show date. On the actual night, there’s the energy, the social-activity of attending with friends, there’s consumption (food or drink), and the exclusivity of the venue. Before entry of course there is queuing, being handed promotional material and arriving early amongst neck-to-neck crowds to ensure a good view. All of these elements drip-feed what some might call “hype” towards the energy of the big day.

-> Brands x Live Streams

Brand collaborations increase your outreach by ensuring a following from both artists and brands. Live streams also allow brands to collaborate for a musical event without an audience paywall – no festival or ticket entrance. This means that your reach is amplified in an unlimited capacity venue. Multiple channels ensure that sufficient promotion creates excitement before the event, so although live streams can logistically be organised ad-hoc, advance planning can also be beneficial. 

The Show

Let’s take a look at the show itself. It’s a multi-sensory experience. This is vital. From the largest Coldplay stadium tours which contain circus-style blow-ups, and intricate visual projections to the smaller venue with a few beams lights, and perhaps confetti. Although our ears lead us to love the artist, it’s all our senses which lead us to love the experience. 

-> Brands x Live Streams

It’s easy to assume that a multi-sensory experience simply cannot be emulated at home; but certain aspects can be. Brand collaboration expands the viewing space from beyond the artists stream to the entire world the brand had built. Sponsorship can increase the quality and production value of the stream for the audience & musician. 

Choosing the right time for the concert is also a story and audience aspect. Just as you might give out free breakfast products during the morning commuter rush, or sponsor a rock concert in the evening, the live stream timing targets different global audiences, and can capture fans on multiple continents – this is unprecedented within a concert hall. 

The Memory

After concerts, crowds want a memory to share and for themselves.  They head to the merchandise stand to materialise their memory in the form of their exclusive tour shirt. Nowadays the memento-phase leaks back into the concert, with fans creating a sea of phones to record to the moment, to share on social media the moment and to keep the moment for themselves. 

-> Brands x Live Streams

Associations help to strengthen brand memory. Studies show that when searching and browsing for products, there’s a higher chance we choose brands that we can easily recall. Music is also notorious for strengthening memories. Together these make an unrivalled combination. Supporting this via the live stream places your brand in the viewers’ current time.

The Artist

Finally, the artist plays a set of songs live. Every imperfection, and every tremble of their voice remains unedited. They thank the crowd for coming, play a cover or two of their favourite artists, often guests will join them, and experienced musicians ask the crowd to sing along. Sometimes they even enter the crowd, a lucky few fans will get the midas touch. 

-> Brands x Live Streams

Every brand has a story and so does every musician. Ensuring the correct artist collaboration is important – especially with the live-stream. This is because the view-from-home aspect, often into the artist’s own-home, adds a level of intimacy that requires artist and brand cohesion for authenticity. If you’re curious about this, Tracks & Fields’ are able to curate a personalised playlist with well fitting artists for you. 


All this and more is explored in our Digital Music Experiences for Brands Insight Paper, where you can find out more about concrete cases, vital success factors and how to get involved. It’s an innovative way to reach out to the music lover in everyone. 

Curious to see some concrete cases? Check out our Digital Music Experiences for Brands Insight Paper now:

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