Smart eyewear and smart music in ParisMiki’s new fashion campaign

ParisMiki are a renowned Japanese eyewear retailer who produce high-end fashion and prescription glasses for every customer. In their latest film they promote their new smart phone eyewear range. Developing stylised fashion for the digital age, this brand is right on trend.

ParisMiki’s film features illustrations by the brilliant Mika Egoshi whose bright, innovative designs create the perfect image to market this modern brand. Specialising in illustrations that capture feminine beauty, Egoshi’s unique depiction of the human form is both exciting and original.

From the start of production the spot and its graphics were worked around the music – quirky images cut to a contemporary, punchy soundtrack. Our bespoke music supervision alongside great work from the composer ‘Boy Bianchi’ achieved a cool, upbeat composition that drifts away from advertising’s typical musical style. According to the client’s press release they collaborated with “multi-award winning, top-notch music production” in order to create a film that achieves both an excellent image and soundtrack.

Watch ParisMiki’s smart phone eyewear film below

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