Young, Free and Unique in New McDonald’s Czech Advert

czech mc two
McDonald’s Czech Republic’s latest advertising campaign embraces youthful free spirit in feel-good advert featuring music licensing from Tracks & Fields.

The advert, which will run in both the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, features a group of young people each with a unique personality and lifestyle. One member of the friendship group is a break-dancer, performing amongst friends at skate parks, one more is a mother to a little boy, and another is a drummer in a band. Despite such diverse lifestyles, the friends still find time to come together, fool around on public transport and visit McDonald’s.
To express this youthful energy, Tracks & Fields licensed music from the Brooklyn-based band Team Spirit. The track, aptly named ‘Teenage Heart’, conveys the fun and youthful mood of the advert, with catchy vocals and guitar riffs.
Watch the advert here:

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