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Catchy and driving music needed for web viral!

For our new project, a web viral (build in a social media app) of a technology brand, we need a catchy (hymn-like/sing along) and driving song. Popularity is a clear plus.

The video depicts the timeline of a life of a user on a social network in fast motion. The life of this user is marked by social relegation, so it is not running well. It is a plus if our song has lyrics that meet this kind of life progression (but it is not a must).

The video contains quick “wall” (as known from Facebook etc.) movements, zoom in/out, leaps in time. A good reference for the style of the video is this one:

A life on Facebook

Note: the reference is for the style of the video, NOT THE MUSIC.
The video will be around 60-90 seconds long. Besides the drive your submissions shall have a build-up in this 60-90 second time frame.

You can hand in songs with vocals (German or English) or instrumentals.

The music will be only used in the social communities (via apps), so not on video portals (youtube, vimeo).


P.S: Important note: this video is not about selling a product, it is promoting a good cause!
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07.08.2011 18:00:00 (8 years and 49 weeks ago)
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