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Schlachthofbronx Remix Contest - Mad Instrument

Price: The creator of the winning remix will receive a Schlachthofbronx-Package consisting of a limited edition double vinyl, a custom made Schlachthofbronx airhorn or vuvuzela(!) and a Schlachthofbronx T-Shirt!


This is what you get when you mix African Kuduro, South American Cumbia, Carribean Soca /Dancehall, Brazilian Baile Funk, Cape Verdian Funana, American Bootybass, UK Dubstep - and Bavarian Schranz!

Munich is often limited to stuff like the Oktoberfest and - musically speaking - "Giorgio Moroder" Disco music. Few people know that the capital of Bavaria is not only a hot spot for beer but also for deep BASS music. No surprise that Munich based Schlachthofbronx – along with their steadily growing fanbase – are best known and represented in the wide music blog scene. Just one year after they started to produce music they've become well-known all around the globe and you may find plenty of their tracks in lots of different versions all through the web. At one time even at, and soon after at Diplo's Mad Decent blog, along with airplay in radio shows of people like The Count & Sinden.

Schlachthoxbronx have just released their debut album on Disko B - here's your chance to remix one of the new tracks “Mad Instrument”!

1. You can either download stems and remix using your own software or work online with the Tracks & Fields sequencer....the choice is yours! And don't forget you can form discussion groups with your fellow remixers to share inspiration, tech talk or anything else!

2. Publish your remix here. You are not allowed to publish/post your remix or the stems from this contest on any other site - you may only use Tracks& Fields widgets for this purpose. Any user found to be doing so will be disqualified from this contest.

3. Do not infringe anyone's copyright: only use your own or royalty free/creative commons licensed material! Disko B/Schlachthofbronx remain the sole copyright owner of the song ‘Mad Instrument’ and all audio stems from this contest.

4. Disko B will have free commercial and promotional rights of all remixes and retain all copyrights. Remixes can be included in upcoming releases for future promotional campaigns. No payment changes hands.

5. Disko B/Schlachthof Bronx will choose the best remix - the entrant with the most votes will not necessarily win this contest.

Happy Remixing!

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31.08.2010 22:00:00 (12 years and 32 weeks ago)
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