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This site provides useful information for a music licence of a song of K-otic. If you like K-otic, but don't know yet which song would be best to sync license for your commercial or film, you can check out the most popular tracks or search K-otic's songs by album. Of course you can also look for the latest releases or use the alphabetical listing. Once you find the perfect song, you need to obtain a so called sync license to use the song in combination with your commercial or film. If you need any help, just get in touch with us - we will then take care of the music clearance and negotiate with the rights holders to the song.


Sync Licensing Information for K-otic

A synchronization license of a song of K-otic gives you the right to use the song in timely relation to your moving image. The music license needs to be granted from all rights holders to the song. Rights are attached to the work itself, which means its lyrics and composition as well as to the recording. These may differ for each single song. The synch license is related to your specific project and scope of usage - the media you want to show your film on, the countries you want to exhibit it and the time period you want to show your film in.

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Indestructible (2002) - K-otic

  • Falling 03:31
  • I Surrender 03:58
  • Don't Make Me Wait 03:33
  • Hold On My Heart 03:02
  • I Don't Understand You 03:56
  • If I Could 03:45
  • Burnin' 03:41
  • Scream And Bleed 03:43
  • Amazed 03:55
  • I Still Miss You 03:55
  • Cryin' 03:26
  • Never Gonna Get My Love 03:08
  • Weightless 03:51
  • On The Run 06:29

Bulletproof (2001) - K-otic

  • Damn (I Think I Love You) 03:48
  • I Can't Explain 03:34
  • I Really Don't Think So 03:14
  • When the Heart Is Connected 04:14
  • No Perfect World 03:14
  • Peace of Mind 04:18
  • Sorry 03:32
  • Can't Get You Out of My Mind 03:47
  • Rebel Child 03:08
  • Gina 04:37
  • Call for Me 04:20
  • Supergirl 03:17
  • I Was Made to Love You 03:42
  • I Can't Explain (Down Under version) 06:22

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