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marie & the redCat










marie & the redCat met 2008 in Mannheim. Marie played her songs on a Songwriter stage one evening. When the guys saw this little, but in a way deep, girl singing and playing the guitar, they were taken with her. That was the beginning of a musical and interpersonal love. The 5 musicians come from different places and scenes all over Germany. This mixture of origin and the completely different character of each one leads to a special drive: They complement one another and go on a journey. Marie writes the songs with her guitar. She tells stories that can be beautiful and light-footed, but also exhausting and black as a crow. Marie develops them out of snap-shots that she takes from her surrounding, sometimes they only exist in her head. In the rehearsal room she works out the special marie & the redCat-sound together with the guys, that arises out of the blood sweat and tears of every single one. The band hopes to inspire its audience. They take it by the hand and on a journey. Everybody can indulge in his or her personal stories that move the most. They’re not telling their own stories, but stories that could be written down in an old book, that everyone could find in the attic….


Home (LP)
Little Notes (EP)
Zeit zu lieben, Zeit zu sterben (EP)

Golden Cage (EP)


„Beautiful Day“ is the soundtrack of the Starbucks campaign „sip face“ (TV and online) in the United States

- Winner of nationwide acoustic pop price „Jugend kulturell“
- Supported by Initiative Musik
- Participation in the play „Zeit zu lieben, Zeit zu sterben“ by Fritz Kater at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

Participation in the master class oft he German Music Council, Popcamp

Band members:

Lisa Marie Neumann – vocals and songwriting
Wolfgang Morenz – guitar, backing vocals
Florian Donaubauer – piano, Rhodes, glockenspiel, melodica, accordion
Johann Seifert – bass, backing vocals
Sebastian Rotard - drums, percussion